Thursday, 21 July 2011

You've gotta jog to blog.

Along with taking up the art of blogging, I've also decided to take up jogging. Does any seasoned jogger out there have any tips...are there any fashion tips I need to know about?
Will I look like this:
Don't laugh, it's cold in Melbourne
Or will I look like this:
Oddly enough, I've used dog pictures in my last three posts. And for anybody looking for one of this doggie bags (hee hee) I cannot find them...shall I make a tutorial up using some of my vintage sheet fabric?
.......and I do have tutorials. I'm just waiting for my inspiration to follow my typing fingers.....

Oh yeah, it's Friday...and in the words of my big sister ......"Everybody dance now"

Hope everybody had a good thermal Thursday (like I said, it's cold in Melbourne)

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