Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Giddy Aunt- new designs, glass jars and suitcase tables

Goodness gracious me! It has been so cold and wet in these parts lately I'm planning to move to Venus (although the sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide might make it a little difficult to have a good ol' "throw a shrimp on the barbie" houeswarming shindig). I might need to  modify our 16 year old car a little if we seriously plan to go.

The Kooky Green Owl has been busy thinking of new things to make. I have had a few people tell me they would like to see more brooches. So what about this one?
Just kidding- but it made me laugh :)
I will be putting 10 brooches on the table next month (hopefully a spot has been secured at the Emerald market again)....and I guess I'll know if they were the right choice or not...

I am currently in love with suitcase tables. I hope to make one in the coming weeks. Here are some ones that I think are pretty cool:
I've found a great tutorial here, that will help you make one of these funny looking tables.

I've also wanting to show you how to turn ordinary jars like this:
Into beautiful coloured jars like this:
using mod podge, food colouring and time. The good news is that they look great at a party, with tea lights/ random foliage in them- the bad news is, it's not will eventually peel off :( I cannot find the original recipe that was found for the jars above but the recipe can be found here (although the finish is a little different to the one above). If  you wanted a more permanent result, you can the details from here.

(sorry to the source, but I cannot find the original recipe)

Happy Wednesday everybody!


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Love those suitcase tables!

Kirstie said...

Not to seem ignorant but what is Mod Podge and can you get it here in Aussie?
I also love the suitcase tables and have just the case to try it out with!!
Kirstie on the Sunny Coast

The Kooky Green Owl said...

Hi Kirstie. Mod Podge is a water soluble glue that can be used to seal things like paper and it dries clear. It is very easy to use and you can get it at Spotlight in the craft section or any other craft supplies shop. P.S I am so jealous you're on the sunny coast! :))