Sunday, 31 July 2011

Full body makeover for under $20!

Sick of looking in the mirror and the reflection closes it's eyes? Well read on my friends.....

My husband and I break mirrors. Not intentionally, of course, but we have a habit of smashing our mirrors into a gazillion pieces...and we like to break the big ones obviously because replacing the mirror is not cheap.

So when I broke the latest mirror last week, (I tried to swat a fly on it) I decided to do something a little different with it....I turned it into a chalkboard.
My poor, abandoned mirror.

You will need a piece of mdf cut out to the frame size:
Some chalkboard paint, found at your local paint shop/ hardware store:
I'm a messy painter. Mind the drips.

And a brush:

Not that kind of brush, silly!

Paint a couple of coats of the blackboard paint onto the mdf according to the directions on the can.
And your makeover for under $20 is complete! No more old, tired, bleary looking person looking back at you in the mirror!
Have an awesome Monday

Thursday, 28 July 2011

By jingo, I did it!

As I've mentioned before, Thursday's are never kind to me. I'm not sure why but I think it has had a long standing vendetta towards me....Friday's like me better though! I love you too Friday.

A while ago my friend and I discovered how to make resin rings. Whilst she has made amazing progress and is quite proficient at doing so, I on the other hand have floundered, not sure if it was really my "thing." Before I hung up my measuring cups (yes, you really use measuring cups to make rings!) I decided to give it one more go.....and boy, did I give it a go! She warned me it was addictive and now I see why:

Four rings.......

......turned into nine rings

....and formed a small army ready for battle......

....but they were no match for THE CLAW (I don't know what my hand was doing. sorry)

These rings will definately make it onto the market table next month.......

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

...piece of cake.....

....I really want one. A big fat chocolate slice with lots of fat and stuff. Speaking of yummy things, my good friend has started up a fantastic blog all about food and recipes.... She has some great recipes as well as a fab step by step it out :)

Yesterday was all about retrieving batteries from baby owl's mouth, trying to keep my weary eyes open while driving and thinking  up new things to do.

I did a little hooking too...ahem, CROCHET hooking that is (I can feel a lot of eye rolling right about now)......

A beanie, for my sister, who will pay me back with a glass of wine and a joke. (make it a good one sis- I'm working hard on this hat!)

I did this whilst one of our cats did a little napping. I was jealous.
Dot has been getting a bit fat lately....uh-oh (maybe she had some of that cake)

I also managed to start a new felted scarf, which looks like this:

...and it has been so cold in the mornings, I just thought about this:
My husband just pointed out, that according to my arrow, I want to be posted to the Adriatic Sea. Poor postman.

Have a lovely Thursday x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What's in my bag??

Hold on to the seat of your pants.....this is going to blow your mind (worse case, you'll just go "Meh")

Bag: Vintage- op shopped
Bangle: Ishka
My adored coin purse- op shopped a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away
Benetint- Lip and Cheek Tint
Smiths's Rosebud Salve- the most awesomest lip balm
Blue nail polish- Just in case i'm feeling blue :)
Wallet: Mimco
Fuji Instax mini in chocolate- takes great credit card size instant photos
And my slouchy beanie- from this lovely lady , who sells them at her market stall around Melbourne.

Thanks for taking a peek...

Monday, 25 July 2011

I FELT really good this weekend.....

It has been a weekend of blue nail polish (spilled on the floor), sore bellies (from laughing too much), blonde wigs (for the sci- fi party that we were lucky enough to attend) fake eyelashes that would not stick to my eye and ended up stuck to the bottom of my shoe (also for the party) and limping (from when I stubbed my toe on the dining table- who put that there?).

Amongst all the madness, I was able to create a few new things for the market. I had so much fun doing this and I think it may be something that I focus my attention on in the near future. Felting is an ancient art, dating back centuries to Siberia but more commonly known in central Asia and was used to make tents, clothing, floor coverings amongst other things. In the past I have focused on wet felting, which is a labour intensive and very physical art but on the weekend, I was able to attempt dry felting, using unspun wool and a needle. I am starting with scarves, and here is the result:
Excuse the poor lighting

The wool is matted together to make sure it stays put

Number 2 test run

This is the unspun wool that I use

They have an organic feel about them- not perfect shapes- which is what I like. I'm actually thinking of doing one off cushions.....I must admit it does take a lot of time- but if you enjoy doing it, why not? It FELT really good ...okay, I'll stop that now.....

And now, leaving you with a great live perfomance from the late Amy Winehouse- probably the most popular.....but what a voice :)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

You've gotta jog to blog.

Along with taking up the art of blogging, I've also decided to take up jogging. Does any seasoned jogger out there have any tips...are there any fashion tips I need to know about?
Will I look like this:
Don't laugh, it's cold in Melbourne
Or will I look like this:
Oddly enough, I've used dog pictures in my last three posts. And for anybody looking for one of this doggie bags (hee hee) I cannot find them...shall I make a tutorial up using some of my vintage sheet fabric?
.......and I do have tutorials. I'm just waiting for my inspiration to follow my typing fingers.....

Oh yeah, it's Friday...and in the words of my big sister ......"Everybody dance now"

Hope everybody had a good thermal Thursday (like I said, it's cold in Melbourne)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

GET UP (get on up)

GET UP (get on up)
GET UP (get on up)
stay on the scene (get on up)
like caffeine (get on up)

yes I know these are not the words, but this was what I was singing all afternoon. Why? Well I don't know why.....maybe because I really wanted to sit on the couch all day...... and I kept telling myself to get up (get on up) get up (get on up) stay on the sc......ahem...ok...I'll stop it now.

Well even though I wanted to sit on the couch- I didn't! You see, I have a Sci-Fi dress up party to go to, but just to make things interesting, it has to be Sci-Fi TV things like Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Futurama, The Jetsons etc etc. I am going as one of the Lost in Space characters (you know "Warning! Warning! Alien approaching")...which means....drumroll please....sewing with sparkly purple fabric! YAY! My 9 year old owl was most excited. I will post some pictures of my before and after transformation next week.
I was tempted to go like this:
They didn't make it in my size, though.

In other exciting news- I would love to tackle the laundry tomorrow. Below is a to scale image of my washing:
Back next time with a couple more tutorials. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Giddy Aunt- new designs, glass jars and suitcase tables

Goodness gracious me! It has been so cold and wet in these parts lately I'm planning to move to Venus (although the sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide might make it a little difficult to have a good ol' "throw a shrimp on the barbie" houeswarming shindig). I might need to  modify our 16 year old car a little if we seriously plan to go.

The Kooky Green Owl has been busy thinking of new things to make. I have had a few people tell me they would like to see more brooches. So what about this one?
Just kidding- but it made me laugh :)
I will be putting 10 brooches on the table next month (hopefully a spot has been secured at the Emerald market again)....and I guess I'll know if they were the right choice or not...

I am currently in love with suitcase tables. I hope to make one in the coming weeks. Here are some ones that I think are pretty cool:
I've found a great tutorial here, that will help you make one of these funny looking tables.

I've also wanting to show you how to turn ordinary jars like this:
Into beautiful coloured jars like this:
using mod podge, food colouring and time. The good news is that they look great at a party, with tea lights/ random foliage in them- the bad news is, it's not will eventually peel off :( I cannot find the original recipe that was found for the jars above but the recipe can be found here (although the finish is a little different to the one above). If  you wanted a more permanent result, you can the details from here.

(sorry to the source, but I cannot find the original recipe)

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

It was awesome!

A BIG thank you to the community of Emerald and my lovely friends and family for all the positive comments and support I received yesterday at the market.

Putting yourself out there can be quite daunting, especially for somebody like me, but I was genuinely surprised at the great response and feedback I received. It just gives me more incentive to make more things :).....and a special thank you to my husband, who looked after our three children AND kept the house tidy. AWESOME!

I have been quite clumsy this morning. I've damaged three parts of my body already and it is only 10:40am! By the end of the day, I expect to be in a full body cast!

I also have some lovely artwork on my walls- thanks baby for choosing the permanent marker.

She's sharpening her drawing skills

I hope everybody has a lovely week. x

Friday, 15 July 2011

Yikes- I've been tagged!

Hello all,

I was tagged by my lovely friend Kelly, and now I'm suppose to write 10 things about myself....please get your nightcap ready so you can nod off whilst you read this:

I hate dried Banana chips.
I was about 8 or 9 and ate a whole bowl at my Auntie Annie's house, and for the next two days I payed severely for my gluttony. I can't even take a whiff without gagging now.

I purposely set my mum's new Russell Hobbs kettle on fire (please look away now Mum).
Well I was half asleep actually. So the old stove top kettle died and Mum was so excited to get her shiny new stainless steel electric kettle from Myer.  The time of offense was approximately 6am on a Monday morning. Getting ready for work, grabbed the kettle, filled it with water, put it on the stove top, AND TURNED IT ON. In took about a minute to realise what I had done. Although there was the smell of burning electrical elements in the house, Mum could not figure why the kettle was not working, so she took it back to Myer and they replaced it under warranty (although the report came back saying the electrical elements had been burned and melted- who knew ex C.I.A investigators worked at Myer). Sorry Mum.
Note to the above: I did feel some guilt....I didn't finish making my cup of tea that morning.....

Whilst we are on the subject of electrical appliances (look away again, Mum)-
I once put a knife in a toaster which was in the process of toasting. I am a very lucky person to not have any permanent damage (depending on who you talk to) and again, I didn't tell my mum- she just thought the toaster cracked it.

I eat my corn cob from left to right.

I can't wink properly.

I hated my now husband, when we were teenagers.

You have the right to switch the internet off now after reading this:
I LOVE ANCHOVIES! Phew, glad that's off my chest!

I love gross stuff. (you tube is awesome for this)

I use to be so shy as a teenager, that sometimes, when we were at a public gathering, I would go and hide in the toilet....and now I have a blog.....and 3 kids?!?! who am I??

I can't say the word ahhhhh, I said it. Most times it comes out Nooclar.

Okay, now back to preparing for the market- thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The one with the blue dress

Caught! my children, standing inside the pantry, with a silver teaspoon and the Nutella jar....hey, at least I didn't use my finger,  my little kids in blue. (I'm glad they didn't tell my mum, or else I'd probably get a smack).

I think my postman has a lot of sick days. Either that, or he's hooning around on his lil' postie bike with his postie friends or something. I don't get mail everyday, and when I do get it, it comes in massive batches. This is not good considering I am waiting on a gazillion packages so I can finish making my products for the market this weekend. Maybe he's sick of people telling him he looks like Al, from Tool Time- you know, Tim the tool man Taylor's need a reminder?:

How you doin?

Anyway, that little blue dress that I was telling you about. I bought it second hand, and I really love it. Here is a picture:

I really love's too short! I have chicken-Esq legs, complete with ugly chicken feet (thanks dad). But I guess that's not so bad- aren't chicken feet a delicacy in some countries? Anywho, I've had to unpick the hem and the pleat in the middle to add this at the bottom:
1960's vintage trimming

I do not have an after shot, as yet, but I may have to incorporate some of this lace on the top half of the dress as well......still thinking about it. My sewing skills are not up to scratch at the moment, or is that my brain?, so the finished product might look like this:
I don't know if this dress is a positive thing. Poor lady.
Well, I'm off to mop the floors. I hope you guys have as good a time as I will:)

Monday, 11 July 2011

A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore!

Apparently Australia is phasing out the humble 5 cent coin. I like the 5 cent coin, especially when I'm rummaging around in the bottom of my bag at the supermarket (literally the bottom- there's a hole in the lining) and find twenty 5 cent coins that enables me to go to the cash register and swap it for that pesky dollar you need to get a supermarket trolley.....such a hassle for me as I hardly ever carry around cash anymore.

Well whilst I was scraping the barrel that was my handbag, I found one of my rings that I thought I had lost. I had been looking for it for a long time and had given up. Well, I had the biggest smile when I found it- it made my mad Monday!

My mad Monday was pretty, well, mad! Baby owl spent most of the day unraveling the foil and plastic wrap rolls, putting dirty dishes from the dishwasher back into their respective places, and cleaning my toilet bowl with MY toothbrush. Thanks baby!

I managed to finish off some pendants due to some stock that arrived today. My darling was lovely enough to fold  The Leaning Tower of Pisa (my washing pile) and help me untangle 10 meters of chain.  He knows I'm a little bit Kooky at the moment, due to this infamous market coming up! I have a couple of photos to show (please excuse the poor quality- I have many excuses but I can't make them sound exciting so I won't go into it)
i have included a range of vintage floral images. This is a dome setting

About half of my pendants have charms on them. Sorry. It was 12pm at night and I did not put it on straight (those who know me also know that I button up my kids jacket's wrong so one side is longer than the other)

A vintage butterfly image. Gee my hand is looking a bit old and crabby there...

Some of the rings have a fillagree detail on the band.

 I know this is personal style and not everybody's cup of tea (or coffee)- but I wanted my loot to look not perfect and old....I've also mixed my metal colours. Sorry. But what's a girl to do- I can't make things I don't like can I? 

Thank you for stopping by...I'm off to count sheep :)) Goodnight chicadees!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sticky fingers and not in the thieving kinda way....

So what happens when you haven't slept in five years, and using an industrial strength glue? Most people would put the glue down, reasoning that they would not accomplish much in their zombie like state.

Not this Kooky Owl. No- I had to continue with what I was doing. Today, I was making feather facinators, for my upcoming market in less than two weeks. Of course, I had to make sure it was suitable, with the trying on (before it was dry) and guess what happened? No? Can't guess?

I NOW HAVE INDUSTRIAL GLUE IN MY HAIR which obviously won't come out......maybe time for a  Dame Judy Dench haircut? I think so.

So on a positive note- I am doing a market in less than two weeks! I am participating in our local market, in Emerald Victoria, and was lucky enough to grab an indoor stall. (in this weather, if I was outdoors, my toe would probably snap off by lunchtime)......

On my table, I am hoping to have pendants, rings, brooches, earings, facinators (hopefully the glue will be dry), solid perfume and some felted scarves and baby booties. Let's see if I can do it!

I have so many ideas coming out of my pores, especially the facinators. Examples:
Can't go wrong with peacock feathers!

In Love!

Super Cute.
Simple minds have to start out with simple simple is my thing with the facinators this week.....if I get good at it, I might be able to produce something interesting like this:
not too sure about this one...

 Happy Thursday everybody!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

The last phew days...

Now before you get your underpants in a twist, I did promise a dress makeover in this post. I have no excuse to give you except:

- The dog ate it

-My internet was down

-I accidentally divided by zero and my paper burst into flames.

-I could only get arbitrarily close to my textbook. I couldn't actually reach it.

-I have a solar powered calculator and it was cloudy

-I gave it to a homeless man to line his hat with.

Okay so most of these excuses were stolen  (if you're looking for some really good excuses - google it- so many good ones out there) but all I can say is that 3 out of 5 were sick (that's 60%)....and I had no choice but to look after them.

It is on my very long, indicipherable to do list ( i tend to do these at 3am in the morning) so hopefully it will be on a post this week :)

What i did do was make lots of stuff to make sure I book myself into a local market.....pretty darn exciting for this Kooky Owl.

So, lets discuss red lips. I love red, painted lips. It looks so lovely, especially with mustard clothing. I can't do red lips though...let me give you an example:

Stunning! so beautiful!

I love this! She pulls it off perfectly.......but:

this would so be me after 5 minutes of putting the red on. No chance of being polished.

 I hope everybody has a lovely week. Red lips or not!