Friday, 15 July 2011

Yikes- I've been tagged!

Hello all,

I was tagged by my lovely friend Kelly, and now I'm suppose to write 10 things about myself....please get your nightcap ready so you can nod off whilst you read this:

I hate dried Banana chips.
I was about 8 or 9 and ate a whole bowl at my Auntie Annie's house, and for the next two days I payed severely for my gluttony. I can't even take a whiff without gagging now.

I purposely set my mum's new Russell Hobbs kettle on fire (please look away now Mum).
Well I was half asleep actually. So the old stove top kettle died and Mum was so excited to get her shiny new stainless steel electric kettle from Myer.  The time of offense was approximately 6am on a Monday morning. Getting ready for work, grabbed the kettle, filled it with water, put it on the stove top, AND TURNED IT ON. In took about a minute to realise what I had done. Although there was the smell of burning electrical elements in the house, Mum could not figure why the kettle was not working, so she took it back to Myer and they replaced it under warranty (although the report came back saying the electrical elements had been burned and melted- who knew ex C.I.A investigators worked at Myer). Sorry Mum.
Note to the above: I did feel some guilt....I didn't finish making my cup of tea that morning.....

Whilst we are on the subject of electrical appliances (look away again, Mum)-
I once put a knife in a toaster which was in the process of toasting. I am a very lucky person to not have any permanent damage (depending on who you talk to) and again, I didn't tell my mum- she just thought the toaster cracked it.

I eat my corn cob from left to right.

I can't wink properly.

I hated my now husband, when we were teenagers.

You have the right to switch the internet off now after reading this:
I LOVE ANCHOVIES! Phew, glad that's off my chest!

I love gross stuff. (you tube is awesome for this)

I use to be so shy as a teenager, that sometimes, when we were at a public gathering, I would go and hide in the toilet....and now I have a blog.....and 3 kids?!?! who am I??

I can't say the word ahhhhh, I said it. Most times it comes out Nooclar.

Okay, now back to preparing for the market- thanks for stopping by :)


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

I love anchovies too...mmm puttanesca pizza is perfection...Oh sorry...daydreaming again...xx

Megan said...

LOL! My memories of Ray are colourful! I think he was born in the wrong time period, he should have been sitting behind you in class pulling piggy tails and dipping your hair in ink wells Nadia!