Monday, 25 July 2011

I FELT really good this weekend.....

It has been a weekend of blue nail polish (spilled on the floor), sore bellies (from laughing too much), blonde wigs (for the sci- fi party that we were lucky enough to attend) fake eyelashes that would not stick to my eye and ended up stuck to the bottom of my shoe (also for the party) and limping (from when I stubbed my toe on the dining table- who put that there?).

Amongst all the madness, I was able to create a few new things for the market. I had so much fun doing this and I think it may be something that I focus my attention on in the near future. Felting is an ancient art, dating back centuries to Siberia but more commonly known in central Asia and was used to make tents, clothing, floor coverings amongst other things. In the past I have focused on wet felting, which is a labour intensive and very physical art but on the weekend, I was able to attempt dry felting, using unspun wool and a needle. I am starting with scarves, and here is the result:
Excuse the poor lighting

The wool is matted together to make sure it stays put

Number 2 test run

This is the unspun wool that I use

They have an organic feel about them- not perfect shapes- which is what I like. I'm actually thinking of doing one off cushions.....I must admit it does take a lot of time- but if you enjoy doing it, why not? It FELT really good ...okay, I'll stop that now.....

And now, leaving you with a great live perfomance from the late Amy Winehouse- probably the most popular.....but what a voice :)


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

All that coloured felt looks lovely..I just want to put my hand into it, it looks so soft and cuddly. Both the scarves look beautiful, and I love your shoes in the top pic xx

Mama Sabi said...

oh wow! how cool is that scarf! LOVE the flower detail xx