Wednesday, 27 July 2011

...piece of cake.....

....I really want one. A big fat chocolate slice with lots of fat and stuff. Speaking of yummy things, my good friend has started up a fantastic blog all about food and recipes.... She has some great recipes as well as a fab step by step it out :)

Yesterday was all about retrieving batteries from baby owl's mouth, trying to keep my weary eyes open while driving and thinking  up new things to do.

I did a little hooking too...ahem, CROCHET hooking that is (I can feel a lot of eye rolling right about now)......

A beanie, for my sister, who will pay me back with a glass of wine and a joke. (make it a good one sis- I'm working hard on this hat!)

I did this whilst one of our cats did a little napping. I was jealous.
Dot has been getting a bit fat lately....uh-oh (maybe she had some of that cake)

I also managed to start a new felted scarf, which looks like this:

...and it has been so cold in the mornings, I just thought about this:
My husband just pointed out, that according to my arrow, I want to be posted to the Adriatic Sea. Poor postman.

Have a lovely Thursday x

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Mama Sabi said...

Wow! You sure do pack a lot into one little day my dear! Oh and thanks for the plug *blush*