Sunday, 17 July 2011

It was awesome!

A BIG thank you to the community of Emerald and my lovely friends and family for all the positive comments and support I received yesterday at the market.

Putting yourself out there can be quite daunting, especially for somebody like me, but I was genuinely surprised at the great response and feedback I received. It just gives me more incentive to make more things :).....and a special thank you to my husband, who looked after our three children AND kept the house tidy. AWESOME!

I have been quite clumsy this morning. I've damaged three parts of my body already and it is only 10:40am! By the end of the day, I expect to be in a full body cast!

I also have some lovely artwork on my walls- thanks baby for choosing the permanent marker.

She's sharpening her drawing skills

I hope everybody has a lovely week. x

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