Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sticky fingers and not in the thieving kinda way....

So what happens when you haven't slept in five years, and using an industrial strength glue? Most people would put the glue down, reasoning that they would not accomplish much in their zombie like state.

Not this Kooky Owl. No- I had to continue with what I was doing. Today, I was making feather facinators, for my upcoming market in less than two weeks. Of course, I had to make sure it was suitable, with the trying on (before it was dry) and guess what happened? No? Can't guess?

I NOW HAVE INDUSTRIAL GLUE IN MY HAIR which obviously won't come out......maybe time for a  Dame Judy Dench haircut? I think so.

So on a positive note- I am doing a market in less than two weeks! I am participating in our local market, in Emerald Victoria, and was lucky enough to grab an indoor stall. (in this weather, if I was outdoors, my toe would probably snap off by lunchtime)......

On my table, I am hoping to have pendants, rings, brooches, earings, facinators (hopefully the glue will be dry), solid perfume and some felted scarves and baby booties. Let's see if I can do it!

I have so many ideas coming out of my pores, especially the facinators. Examples:
Can't go wrong with peacock feathers!

In Love!

Super Cute.
Simple minds have to start out with simple simple is my thing with the facinators this week.....if I get good at it, I might be able to produce something interesting like this:
not too sure about this one...

 Happy Thursday everybody!


Mama Sabi said...

OMG!! Can't wait to come to your market stall! Hopefully you'll have the glue out by then :)

Kelly said...

The peacock one is just gorgeous! And I'd say a 'no' to the butterfly one :-P