Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The one with the blue dress

Caught! my children, standing inside the pantry, with a silver teaspoon and the Nutella jar....hey, at least I didn't use my finger,  my little kids in blue. (I'm glad they didn't tell my mum, or else I'd probably get a smack).

I think my postman has a lot of sick days. Either that, or he's hooning around on his lil' postie bike with his postie friends or something. I don't get mail everyday, and when I do get it, it comes in massive batches. This is not good considering I am waiting on a gazillion packages so I can finish making my products for the market this weekend. Maybe he's sick of people telling him he looks like Al, from Tool Time- you know, Tim the tool man Taylor's need a reminder?:

How you doin?

Anyway, that little blue dress that I was telling you about. I bought it second hand, and I really love it. Here is a picture:

I really love's too short! I have chicken-Esq legs, complete with ugly chicken feet (thanks dad). But I guess that's not so bad- aren't chicken feet a delicacy in some countries? Anywho, I've had to unpick the hem and the pleat in the middle to add this at the bottom:
1960's vintage trimming

I do not have an after shot, as yet, but I may have to incorporate some of this lace on the top half of the dress as well......still thinking about it. My sewing skills are not up to scratch at the moment, or is that my brain?, so the finished product might look like this:
I don't know if this dress is a positive thing. Poor lady.
Well, I'm off to mop the floors. I hope you guys have as good a time as I will:)


Anonymous said...

Kooky I love the sense of style. But doubt it will look like the bridesmaids dress from the 80s lack of fashion. Oh glory praying that disasterpiece never sees the light of day :-) kook you later R

Megan said...

what a gorgeous dress, I see why you like it! Dark stockings help a lot with a short dress - even knee length looks short on me coz of my height - black stockings always fixes that for me!