Thursday, 26 January 2012

seven photos

A handmade burnt leather collar for our puppy....I'm in awe of those who can work the leather
A unidentified bird made by Miss Owl. Made out of scraps
A beautiful hoodie, made by a beautiful friend for the baby owl...and it was has little green owls on it!
Mr Owl and his puppy.

A bit of love amongst the happy madness
Fresh eggs from my friends chicken house. I like the green ones
Miss Owl, working a disguise

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A dog bed on a budget

I had a choice:
Buying much needed school shoes for my 9 year old owl (if she stuck with the old, I would be risking that over exaggerated story in the future, mainly about walking 10km's to school in 80 degree Celsius days with no soles on your shoes, risking 1st degree burns and possibly death due to infection) or buy a plush dog bed with all extras including leather trim, wood grain dash and reversing camera for those tight spaces for $130

I do love my children.

So I made my puppy a new bed on a budget.

I used:

An old doona (or your could use a couple of old cushions) - the op shop had them at $5
A canvas painting drop sheet from the hardware store $11 (it was enough material to make two beds)
A can of black spray paint from the hardware store $2.95
needle and thread and button (my button is half chewed already- so I'm not sure this was a great idea)

I cut out the fabric according to the finished size plus 10cm each for width and length, to accommodate for the bulk of the doona. I also cut one side about 30 cm longer in length to create the envelope effect to insert the doona.

I then made a stencil using the computer (printing out the dog's name and then cutting out with a sharp cutting thingy)
I don't have a steady hand- this part was a brow sweating experience:)
I sprayed over the stencil using the spray paint and let it dry.
I like spray painting. Channelling my inner graffiti artist

I then assembled the "envelope" bed and attached a button for eye pleasure.

The dog loves it, and I love it because I can buy my girl a pair of shoes for school, now.
Mr Owl with his pride and joy.

I hope all of you are well and smiling.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

new necklace and caravan update.

This week, I attended a lovely anniversary party. It was a chance to ditch the jeans and put on something swish, so I picked out a nice..... green.....(surprised?) dress and made this necklace to go with it:

Vintage lace, is something that inspires me and I've tried to put it to good use (although I've been told that its sacrilege to hack into vintage lace)

I also received my handmade dog tag for our new puppy, which is coming home in 2 days...

Because Mr Owl had a week off from work (a rarity, let me tell you) we have ignored the normal everyday things and decided to take a holiday at home. We've made heaps of progress on a lot of things, including this cutie pie:

Lots of scrubbing to be done

A high pressure hose works wonders

And I managed to give her an undercoat. She's lost her personality now....but I'll help her get it back!! Go Lola!
This week will also include me filling a large shop order and working our back to school gear middle one (boy child) is starting school this year- one hand is wiping away tears, and the other is punching the air...

I hope everybody has a great week. I'm off to look at making a tree swing.


Monday, 9 January 2012

It's a wrap!- a new dress.

I've bought a funky new dress from a lovely lady called Wendy Hill. Her dresses, Piece by Wendy Hill,  have been selling like hotcakes.

She is also a regular, amusing blogger and can be found here. And if you want to buy from her Etsy shop you can do it here. It is amazingly comfortable, and truth be known, I am partial to a doiley or two.

And it was wrapped beautifully with a lovely note:

Thank you Wendy. It fits perfectly and I love it!

Vintage lace and caravan sneak peak..

A new necklace made out of vintage lace...

And here is a sneak peak of Lola- our new old caravan/ cubby house/ hang out:

She is a pretty girl with a few blemishes but I can foresee that she will become a beautiful swan. Can you see it?


Friday, 6 January 2012

happy happenings


A lot has been happening in our little Owl hangout. We've been in the garden....

Finding interesting, but evil looking sticks

Finding new growth: fern fronds that I callously cut off, as we we had to relocate the plant.

Mr Owl has been waiting 8 years to get a puppy, and I finally bought one for him (for our anniversary in March)......he was speechless (the husband of course, not the puppy...well, yes, the puppy too I guess)

An English Staffordshire Terrier. Mr Owl has chosen Sonny and we get him in two weeks. Very excited (not about the toilet training bit)

I have been adding a few things for markets including this:

Chunky pendant. Still making changes to it

And we are towing back our little caravan this weekend.....hopefully it makes it in one piece(it hasn't been towed in 3 years) but we are very excited to make it pretty cute. I'm currently inspired by this image:

One friend pointed out that those polka dots would be a pain in the derriere to paint. I think she may be right!
I've also been playing around with a stack of vintage lace, that I'm planning to make into jewellery...still wrapping my head around that one...

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend - pictures of the caravan next week...eeeeek!