Thursday, 14 June 2012

The square space around me.

Dinner is on the stove (my Friday's are usually a mad rush), house is clean (enough), cup of tea by my side (the right side) and baby owl is asleep (I think) its hard not to think about the craziness that has surrounded me the last couple of weeks. Things that don't rattle me, have, and yet I am still happy and thankful to be who and where i am. So sitting here, this is what I see around me:
To my left: a glorious pile of sewing

To my right: my front window
Behind me: A full bookcase
In front of me: the sitting area (itching to move the furniture around)

Looking forward to a big weekend. And family time. And calmness.

Happy Friday

Monday, 11 June 2012

As toey as a Roman sandal.


Its been hectic around here, organising the surprise party for my parents (hopefully, it is still a surprise) almost sure mum doesn't read my blog....not enough world facts to keep her entertained.

My lovely friend Kelly, has been very kind in offering her services to organise the screen printing of the table runners that I am making up. I'm hoping to add something personal to the decorations-and she is a very accomplished screen printer. Thanks Kelly.

I have also collected a plethora of tea cups, to be filled with soy wax and turned into candles. Just to help with atmosphere.

I have collected close to 50 tea cups now, and I think I was aiming for 60. (what am i going to do with them after the event?)

Along with sewing my dress, I have been sewing up a cute little dress for the baby owl.

the fabric

the bodice almost finished

Just quietly, its been good having an excuse to go op shopping. Of course I tell everybody its for cute teacups, when in fact, I'm looking for bargains like these:
a new toy

I love her

So while its been a little busy and a little stressful:

Me and my big one, hanging out in the emergency department due to  a suspected broken  wrist whilst she was tap dancing.

 I've still been able to enjoy a little bit of the leftovers of autumn


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Trying not to look like Madonna circa 1990

I am in the middle of sewing this dress with my fabulous mother in law, who has adjusted the pattern to fit my kooky body shape.

Because of where the darts are placed, and being a 50's style dress, I am trying very hard not to create this bodice shape:

which always reminds me of this:

Who thought of this idea? and why? 

So placing those darts, are ever so important.

In other news I've been trying out new jewellery ideas:

and more. Hope all are well. I'm off to stencil some fabric:)