Wednesday, 20 July 2011

GET UP (get on up)

GET UP (get on up)
GET UP (get on up)
stay on the scene (get on up)
like caffeine (get on up)

yes I know these are not the words, but this was what I was singing all afternoon. Why? Well I don't know why.....maybe because I really wanted to sit on the couch all day...... and I kept telling myself to get up (get on up) get up (get on up) stay on the sc......ahem...ok...I'll stop it now.

Well even though I wanted to sit on the couch- I didn't! You see, I have a Sci-Fi dress up party to go to, but just to make things interesting, it has to be Sci-Fi TV things like Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Futurama, The Jetsons etc etc. I am going as one of the Lost in Space characters (you know "Warning! Warning! Alien approaching")...which means....drumroll please....sewing with sparkly purple fabric! YAY! My 9 year old owl was most excited. I will post some pictures of my before and after transformation next week.
I was tempted to go like this:
They didn't make it in my size, though.

In other exciting news- I would love to tackle the laundry tomorrow. Below is a to scale image of my washing:
Back next time with a couple more tutorials. Thanks for stopping by.

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