Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Inserting puppy dog eyes here

So. It's been a while. (Shall not bore you with my violin playing in the background excuses:)

Things are-a-changin' over here again, in our little house. Lots of gardening and chook shed preparing (dubbed Kentucky Manor) and plant planting. Veggie gardens half prepared, trees cut down, little pathways leading to nowhere in planning stages and generally making it a more user friendly backyard (the dreaded blackberry bush took over), and whilst the fruit of the blackberry is so yummy, the thorn laden plant had to be controlled. And by jingo, I did it! Just call me the terminator (of the blackberry variety). I'm thinking of borrowing a goat to clean up the cuttings.

Anybody got a goat I can borrow?
Goat 1:Slight underbite. Jealous of goat 3.
Goat 2: How you doin'?
Goat 3: An orthodontists, dream patient. Feels sorry for goat 1.

new blossoms

an existing out building, underway to becoming the chook shed

Love my random plants

new growth  on my naked trees

I have this beautiful camellia bush that is at least 40 years old and is thriving (thank you sceptic line) but it is totally in the wrong spot. I feel so bad to cut it down, but I have so many beautiful trees and other Camellia bushes in the rest of the yard, will I miss it that much?
its beautiful. but blocks off a lot of the garden. any thoughts?

Curious Bazaar also partook in a lovely little market in Somers, Victoria. Although the weather was a little wet, we had a great day and saw some lovely stalls.

Shop stock has also been in the making- amongst the general mundane things around this house like cooking, cleaning, work, gardening, pretending to be normal and not a loony wife and mother who has no idea what she's doing through 88% of her day and hoping that she gets a light bulb moment during that 12% of her day, so that she can make that 88% a smaller number. Phew.

I have been reading this book, for baby owl. Whilst I am not home schooling at this point in time, I try to do as much as I can, in that 12% of course.

great ideas

So. I will share more of what I can when I can (that's not committing to anything at all really).

Enjoy the week!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Market prep.

Whilst others have just been lounging around, expecting to be served:

I have been cutting and sewing....

In preparation to my market. Along with some jewellery:

I am also including a range of pajama/ lounging pants:

And printing on fabric, to make cushions:

Although I need to KIT (keep it together) with the market knocking on my door, it has been nice to focus on making things in bulk again......

Happy Monday


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

In case you need a case.

Things have been scary around here for some people.

I've had to move, sort and relocate things to fit 7 amazing cases, given to me (also filled with fabric, old dress patterns, paint, children's toys and books) to look through and sort.

The cases range in age, with the oldest probably being 70 years old, and the youngest being 50 years old. Most of  them came en route from England, and they still have their destination stickers (partially attached).

It was such a waste to see them, a part of history, thrown out or destroyed, and I thought they would provide valued storage in my little house on the hill.

Here are some of them:
The bottom case managed to fit my fabric stash
This is my new bedside table/blanket box

This old metal and wood trunk stores my broken sewing machine (not a happy thought) lots of wool (definitely a happy thought) and general haberdashery necessities.

These two suitcases (not the cats water bowl to the left) stores kiddo things. The bottom suitcase  has some kiddo toys including some great old metal cars and trucks, building blocks and a remote control transformer with a microphone from the 80's (Mr Owl was most impressed). The top case stores all things crafty for kids, including empty alfoil rolls, Styrofoam balls (yes, I'm hoping no child attempts to break these in pieces), fluffy balls (I don't feel I need to explain what these are) icy pole sticks, and anything else you could make stuff out of.

Some of the dress patterns were great! And I can't wait to make something with them.

It has been a long week, sorting all of it out. But now that we are at the tail end, its starting to feel like things have been accomplished. It has been good sorting through things, because I have a fantastic market booked, with my market buddies, in less than a month. Gotta get cracking!

Happy Wednesday

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Coming back from exile...

I unintentionally banished myself from reason- just overtired from the.....drum roll please.....THE MOST AWESOMEST SURPRISE PARTY EVER. I'm biased of course.

My aunty, my two sisters and I decided to throw a surprise 40th Anniversary Party for my amazing parents. My parents are very stable, loving, giving people and they have had a very beautiful life.....but they never had a wedding reception, through no fault of their own.

So we tried to recreate that. Here are some pictures:

My friend Kelly and I got together and used her awesome skills for screen printing the table  runners

Using Kale (from the cabbage family) for the floral arrangements

Table numbers in distressed frames (they didn't look too distressed, quite happy actually)

Odd tea cup candles made by my beautiful 10year old owl. All cups were op shopped (with a little help from my fellow friend op shoppers)

A Singapore orchid and Moss arrangement

And this is how it looked:
The beautiful chocolate mud cake

Yummy food



gift bags
What we wore:

Mr Owl and also the MC. Sharp!

I ran out of time to make my dress so this was a last minute purchase from ebay. Attempting to pull of peach and red.

My shoes

I made baby owls dress

My parents were shocked:

It was a beautiful night- one that my sisters, my aunty and I put a lot of effort in. I will never forget it.

Much has gone on since. Stay tuned for a tale of two cases:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The square space around me.

Dinner is on the stove (my Friday's are usually a mad rush), house is clean (enough), cup of tea by my side (the right side) and baby owl is asleep (I think) its hard not to think about the craziness that has surrounded me the last couple of weeks. Things that don't rattle me, have, and yet I am still happy and thankful to be who and where i am. So sitting here, this is what I see around me:
To my left: a glorious pile of sewing

To my right: my front window
Behind me: A full bookcase
In front of me: the sitting area (itching to move the furniture around)

Looking forward to a big weekend. And family time. And calmness.

Happy Friday

Monday, 11 June 2012

As toey as a Roman sandal.


Its been hectic around here, organising the surprise party for my parents (hopefully, it is still a surprise) almost sure mum doesn't read my blog....not enough world facts to keep her entertained.

My lovely friend Kelly, has been very kind in offering her services to organise the screen printing of the table runners that I am making up. I'm hoping to add something personal to the decorations-and she is a very accomplished screen printer. Thanks Kelly.

I have also collected a plethora of tea cups, to be filled with soy wax and turned into candles. Just to help with atmosphere.

I have collected close to 50 tea cups now, and I think I was aiming for 60. (what am i going to do with them after the event?)

Along with sewing my dress, I have been sewing up a cute little dress for the baby owl.

the fabric

the bodice almost finished

Just quietly, its been good having an excuse to go op shopping. Of course I tell everybody its for cute teacups, when in fact, I'm looking for bargains like these:
a new toy

I love her

So while its been a little busy and a little stressful:

Me and my big one, hanging out in the emergency department due to  a suspected broken  wrist whilst she was tap dancing.

 I've still been able to enjoy a little bit of the leftovers of autumn