Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The online store is open!.....and some news on Walter and Lucy

If you like handmade items, including children's clothes and accessories, unique wall art, fantastic greeting cards and jewellery- all from different designers- then head on over to here.

There is also a special promo:
 obviously, we are very new and would love your help to grow. Share the 'Curious Bazaar' store, or one of your favourite items from the store, on your facebook wall or personal blog and the shop will send you an exclusive discount code! Don't forget to let the shop know that you've shared!

Walter and Lucy have been working very hard lately. I've practised some scales and happily, the tormented screeching that Lucy seems to expend, seems to be getting a little less intense each that progress?
I MUST do this sometime!

Norma, my violin teacher, has been very patient but is appeased with my 'long arms" and 'long fingers.....Ï do not know if this is a good thing or not- I'm feeling a little primate-ish now! (good thing bananas are cheap at the moment)...and for anybody who knows me, I have never been associated with height and length. I have very short legs and stumpy toes. Actually I must look like an idiot- 5 foot 3 with hands dragging on the ground.

Anyway- I'm waffling-  this little monkey needs to get to bed.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Announcement #2 of 2.....and a hairy situation....

It is with much excitement to announce the following:

My talented friend, Danielle, will be running a new 'whimsical gift shop' online and stocking the creations from various  people, like The Kooky Green Owl and Polkadot Lane, as well as her own  art prints, canvases and cards. You'll be able to buy gorgeous jewellery, hairclips and bands, handmade children's clothes, funky screen-printed totes and t-shirts, art prints, a range of cards, art prints, magnets and original art.

Curious Bazaar launches on November 28th, but in the meantime 'like' us on facebook  to keep up with the news!

I'm very excited to be involved in this new adventure.....and very keen to show you some of my new things!

Now, down to the hairy situation. In short, I'm growing my eyebrows out...nice! The awesome Michelle- who is a very good hair whisperer (you know, like the horse whisperer... but in this case, she can talk to hair)- has asked me to grow them for I currently resemble a little something like this:

...ok, maybe I exaggerate....probably something more like this:

Burt is awesome! And Burt looks pretty cool with a monobrow! But I took the liberty of showing you the man with the most famous monobrow- Burt- with different attire:

Nope.Not the same. Much better with a monobrow.

Yep. Just giving Freda Kahlo a run for her money....


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Announcement #1 of 2....drum roll please....

It's with pleasure to announce the inclusion of The Kooky Green Owl items in a beautiful, Melbourne based shop.

Once upon a time there were two little sisters who liked to dress up. As they grew older they decided that there were just not enough clothes in one day, so they opened a boutique and called it Lulamae...
Lulamae boutique is affectionately named after an Audrey Hepburn character, their guiding light behind collections and dreamboat designs.  You can visit them online here.      

It has the most amazing shop layout:

They have two shops: one in Sydney Road, Brunswick (Melbourne) and Park Stret, South Melbourne and have recently opened a new store in Melbourne Central.

The Melbourne Central store is having a big launch this week:

and have some beautiful items to see:

Eeeeeek! Green!

A girl lying down on the floor with her feet in the air....or maybe just a pretty pair of shoes...

and you may see some items from The Kooky Green Owl, peeking out around the place:

and many many more!

Stay tuned for announcement #2......have a lovely Wednesday tomorrow

Monday, 21 November 2011

To market, to market to buy a pretty painted stone

Isn't it pretty?

Last Sunday, I was ecstatic to take part in the Upwey Grassroots Community Market. From fresh produce, to artists sketches, to handmade children's clothes and to Gingerbread houses- it had it all! Ninety stall holders! and the weather was a treat.

I bought this stone (for Miss number 1 Owl) from one of the artists there, who had beautiful handpainted river rocks as well as canvases....very talented!

There was also Aromatherapy products from Soul Sisters

I had a scratch 'n' sniff and she had some awesome concoctions:) Carmel can be contact through here.

And of course there was the famous Nina from Victorian Strawberry Fields. They came in droves to her stall!

 Nina owns a farm and grows all types of fruits and vegetables that she likes to preserve. From sour cherry jam (I had a taste bud test and this was delicious), black olives in oil, chilli jam, parsley pesto, roasted capsicums and authentic pasta sauces. You can contact Nina here.
I got me some of this beetroot and horseradish relish! Neigh!
Life got quite busy behind the counter. And it got very busy for Kate, Kelly and Danielle too....which brings me to some exciting news...very very soon, you will be able to purchase all of our items (and more) from an online whimsical gift shop....stay tuned for a special post in the next few days!

Leaving you with one of my all time favourite songs (from 90's) and a beautiful, beautiful voice covering it.

I'll give you a little hint: sometimes you feel like you're floating like a feather, In a beautiful world, I wish I was special,You're so very special....................Pour yourself a little something something, put your feet up and tickle your Eustacian tube:)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Where should I go on Sunday?

Well, I'm glad you asked me!

On Sunday I will be attending:

located at Village Green Upwey (Melway 75A9). The market starts at 9am and finishes at 2pm. Please come and persue your locally sourced, grown, made, sewn, cooked, chiselled, baked, painted, picked and dug up produce at the market. There will be 90 stalls including Kate and Kelly from Sew Chirpy with their handmade childrens clothes and Accessories and Danielle from Curiouser with her unique art .

I have started a new line of transparent is one of them:

..and there are more in the making including owls, deers and other cute prints.

So if you're out and about and feel like its a Price is Right kind of day, then "C'mon Down!"

And finally, one of my favourite sayings from the fabulous Dr Seuss made it to my chalkboard this week:

Saturday, 12 November 2011

To market to market to buy organic coffee!

Hi Everybody!

This weekend it was a pleasure for me to participate in the Blackbird Market Brunswick. Set in an old Pub, The Workers Club, it was was the perfect scene for vintage clothes and pretty things.

I bought lots of things with me, including my young padawan owl:

Who also doubled as my coffee drinking secretary:
She had glitter on her nails
And this was the amazing organic coffee:

I aso had my handsome Mr Owl accompany me and hold my hand during the quiet bits:

Why is he pointing at me?
And this was the view from behind the table:
And looking at the table:

I met lots of nice stallholders:
Lovely Angelina from Tea & Sympathy

She supplies beautiful specialty leaf tea and is based in the Thornbury area.

Tea for two? and two for tea?

They were lovely and allowed me to try some and I must say, delicious!! You can find them here.

We also met Emily:

Meet Emily from Emily Jean Handmade Aprons

And her beautiful aprons

And some lovely ladies selling some vintage clothes:

The second hand clothes were right next to me: I was in danger!
I had an amazing response and the weather was beautiful...I even received a business offer (which made me feel a bit chuffed....but more on that another time).

...thank you Brunswick Street for your hospitality- I think we may come back very soon:)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Can you hear the crickets?

Sorry for my lapse in posting. I have no excuse except 'the dog ate it"

First up: I had to take a picture of baby owl in this dress with this smile:

and I have been working on this baby quilt for a friend:
This is the unfinished version....there is an almost finished version:)

Do you remember Lucy? She was attacked by my naughty cat and left her in a ball of horsehair mess. Well I took her to the doctor today and they told me that she will live to play another note (although I can't actually play a note yet). They also read her strings and told me that they see "Vivaldi Four Seasons" in the near future. Phew! Tomorrow I have my first lesson...and I'm so excited!

This Saturday I will be attending the Blackbird Market on the corner of Brunswick Street and Gertrude Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. Not only a place for shopping, Blackbird Market is also home to live bands, DJ sets, artist installations and a delicious food and drink menu. Past performers have included the likes of British India, Skye Harbour, Love Connection, The Ravenous, The Bon Scotts and plenty of other amazing local talents.

Would you like to come and visit?


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

F- F- F- Fascinating darling!

It's the Melbourne Spring Racing Festival (ie a chance to get dolled up and watch a bunch of sweaty horses run around in a circle)!

I have had a few enquiries regarding fascinators and so I thought I would share some of the ones that have sold or are on the table to be sold....

All feathers are real and have been collected without harming the bird.

.....oh and by the way, in case you are ever thinking of becoming a jockey- WORDS OF WISDOM...always ride the horse in the direction that it’s going:)

In other inspiring news (well, inspiring for me) I got to plant some beautiful flowers. For those that know me, I love flowers and gardens and because we have been rennovating our old home for a few years (and we probably still have quite a few more years to go), gardening has become a are some photos:

Not only have we been planting but we are ready to complete the kids area AND bbq area......oh my goodness, I'm wetting myself just thinking of the finished product! (all on a massive budget of course)

I may have also added to our list of things with an exciting outdoor project and I hope to share soon. As you can see, we love the outdoors:

outdoor tents

worms for lunch

naked baby jumping on trampoline

Hope you have a lovely week lovelies:)