Friday, 30 December 2011

Hiatus.... my blogging. Sorry.

Words have eluded me of late- maybe due to the holiday season? My words have most probably gone on vacation.

I have been planning, sketching and working out things to do with markets and making stuff...a re-evaluation maybe? Changing things, designing different things (which most of the time, don't work out)...pretty much just playing around.

I have been beating small sheets of copper with a mallet, just to see what happens (I'm sure you know what happens), twisting wire around wood chips and generally being elusive to the nagging voice in my head to start building up stock levels again....silly voice!

So while I have orders to fill and lots of things to do, I have been planning my next projects and trying new things.

I hope everybody has a safe holiday period. I'm not really into the whole new year resolution thing- I think I'm going to take each day as it comes in 2012.


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Claire said...

Hmm, feeling somewhat the same way as far as markets, new things and what I should be doing versus what I am doing!!
Not having too many success but no doubt learning things along the way.
Waiting for my motivation to return, but I'm afraid the warmer weather isn't helping......
Hope you find answers to those nagging questions and have a great 2012.

Claire :}