Friday, 6 January 2012

happy happenings


A lot has been happening in our little Owl hangout. We've been in the garden....

Finding interesting, but evil looking sticks

Finding new growth: fern fronds that I callously cut off, as we we had to relocate the plant.

Mr Owl has been waiting 8 years to get a puppy, and I finally bought one for him (for our anniversary in March)......he was speechless (the husband of course, not the puppy...well, yes, the puppy too I guess)

An English Staffordshire Terrier. Mr Owl has chosen Sonny and we get him in two weeks. Very excited (not about the toilet training bit)

I have been adding a few things for markets including this:

Chunky pendant. Still making changes to it

And we are towing back our little caravan this weekend.....hopefully it makes it in one piece(it hasn't been towed in 3 years) but we are very excited to make it pretty cute. I'm currently inspired by this image:

One friend pointed out that those polka dots would be a pain in the derriere to paint. I think she may be right!
I've also been playing around with a stack of vintage lace, that I'm planning to make into jewellery...still wrapping my head around that one...

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend - pictures of the caravan next week...eeeeek!


Mama Sabi said...

Polka dots are easy! Cut circles out of good quality contact, stick them onto the wall, paint over, let dry, peel off contact... Viola!!

Claire said...

How darn cute is that caravan....painting the polka dots may be a right royal pain but I'm pretty sure I woud give it a red, hot go before I gave up and painted over them, hehe...... ooh, just read Viola's comment, great tip.
No excuses now!1

Cute, wee pup, I'm sure Mr. Owl will have hours of fun and enjoyment with him.

Look forward to seeing what you make with the lace, I'm intrigued.

Have a great weekend,

Claire :}