Thursday, 1 December 2011

all about Wilga....

Do you know what a Wilga is?

It is a native bird from Finland, with the most beautiful yellow feathers.The nest is a deep woven cup suspended like a hammock from a branch and they usually lay two or three eggs, but as many as six have been recorded.

It is also a beautiful shop in a beautiful part of the world, Kallista Melbourne. There is also a new store in Croydon, Melbourne which has only recently opened and they stock brands such as Mavi, Pol, Sindhu and a wide range of garments from France and Italy. Here is a sneak peak of the shop:

Tamarind also sews clothes for her own brand, and sometimes uses vintage fabrics.

If you have a sniff around in the Kallista and Croydon boutique's you might just come across some items from The Kooky Green Owl and some of my items have been custom made for this particular shop.

I've also made some more things for the online shop- more on that next time.

Ahhh, Summer has come- can you believe it? Have a great day tomorrow!


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