Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Crazy times calls for crazy measures.

It's been a crazy, busy few days here in Owl city.

Mr Owl was on call for work, all week and weekend (including the public holidays), so the entertaining of the children was done by me. So what did I do?

I did a big clean out of the house, and the kids helped me (muhahahaha, says the evil mother), It was mainly inspired by this wardrobe- a find on ebay. And it has fantastic storage space.

Still in two minds whether to paint, or not to paint...

So I started to move things into it- which started the ball rolling, and by Christmas day I had a whole car load to go to the second hand/ charity shop. I was ruthless (as my father in law would say, without Ruth?) and determined.

I managed to declutter my very small bedroom as well. I removed most things that was under my bed, a chest of drawers and another storage cupboard. I only have my bed and bed side tables- and I feel great!! I love my bedroom- it's very cosy! (another word for too darn small)

Yes, my bedside tables are full- but of things I love! P.S sorry about the lighting

I have also started to make curtains for my living room. My sewing machine is broken (hopefully going in to see the doctor in a couple of weeks) so I have started doing it by hand- but I think I'm enjoying it! It has been 3 years, and even thought the flimsy white material, held by nails has aided my privacy, it's time to make things a little more formal. I'm not really a fan of curtains- if I had it my way, there would be no curtains at all! However, I'm complying with the privacy needed by those in my household.

I have decided to go with calico. I love calico because it's raw and non invasive. AND, it's also very cheap and readily available. I'm making them quite full and adding a beautiful trim from Tessuti fabrics (a very nice place to be)....lets hope it works out..

Hoping everybody is enjoying the holiday period......oh, and you know those candles my daughter and I made? Somebody wants to buy some from her.....she's pretty stoked!


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