Monday, 19 December 2011

Clogs and Coffee Candles.

I've never owned a pair, but I've always wanted a pair of clogs. I've always been told that wearing a piece of wood is surprisingly comfy. Really? The problem is, whenever I think of them I think of these:
Odd shape boats that you put on your feet

and these:
Painted, odd shape boats that you put on your feet

and if I did buy a pair, yodelling would most probably follow and I'm sure this will start playing in my car (play it! you won't regret it!)

But, alas! I have found a nice pair that is super comfy- it's like wearing flats! (and I think I'm 3 inches taller when wearing them)

I bought them from here. (Lotta from Stockholm)They are so comfortable, I wear them at home (those who know me, flats are my friend)

My big girl (the 9 year old owl) is obsessed with making things. She thinks she's found what she loves doing and so I have been teaching her to do them. She has decided she wants to make candles and soap- which is great! I love making them too, and she's decided to make them in odd cups and bowls we've found on our travels:

So today, we have been busy making a few to give to her teachers as a thank you for the year. She is using  soy wax and her favourite smell is Vanilla and Coffee. Yum!

They look fantastic and I hope her teachers love them! (she is angling for markets because she wants to buy a car?!?! but we'll see, young lady)

I had a blistering 2 market weekend last weekend (crazy)...more about that later!

have a great day tomorrow


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