Wednesday, 7 December 2011

announcing a new owl and two new pretty things.

Today, I received this cute ceramic owl from my neighbour and friend.....

he looks like a Theodore to me.

thanks Lisa- I love him!

And these are two new things that are going to the market:

A delicate 18mm bottle filled with sea glass and a tiny shell found on the coast of Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Attached to a sterling silver chain.

A very tiny 12mm 'light globe' filled with beautiful minuscule sea glass found off the coast of Scotland. Attached to a sterling silver chain.

Sorry, for alarming anybody about yesterday's post. I was kind of being reflective but ironic with the Richard Clayderman piano in the background. By the way, did you know The Guinness Book of Records has classed Mr Clayderman as the most successful pianist in the world? (and the most annoying music your mum use to play in the early 80's) No? well, now you do, hehe.


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