Friday, 2 December 2011

Online shop update and a stinky tale.

Hi everybody! How was your day? day started off okay and then the poo hit the baby poor baby fell in doggy doo this morning whilst we were out for a walk- poor love. We don't have a dog, so it was a random dog poo.(this makes it worse- who knows where that poo came from!).  Lots of tears and bathing this morning:) (and washing)

So Danielle has updated the online shop...lots of new things from The Kooky Green Owl, Polkadot Lane, Sew Chirpy and Curiouser...

two birds in dome setting with mahogany surround

oblong glass resin pendant on antique brass chain

copper birds nest with turquoise eggs

delicate cork bottle filled with 3 teal swarovski crystals on a sterling silver chain

antique brass charm necklace featuring turquoise, peace jade and handmade ceramics

pottery found on the shores of Scotland. Each piece is unique and naturally tumbled by the sea. On a sterling silver chain
I seem to be fixated on birds. Obsessed? may be right.....

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