Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The online store is open!.....and some news on Walter and Lucy

If you like handmade items, including children's clothes and accessories, unique wall art, fantastic greeting cards and jewellery- all from different designers- then head on over to here.

There is also a special promo:
 obviously, we are very new and would love your help to grow. Share the 'Curious Bazaar' store, or one of your favourite items from the store, on your facebook wall or personal blog and the shop will send you an exclusive discount code! Don't forget to let the shop know that you've shared!

Walter and Lucy have been working very hard lately. I've practised some scales and happily, the tormented screeching that Lucy seems to expend, seems to be getting a little less intense each that progress?
I MUST do this sometime!

Norma, my violin teacher, has been very patient but is appeased with my 'long arms" and 'long fingers.....Ï do not know if this is a good thing or not- I'm feeling a little primate-ish now! (good thing bananas are cheap at the moment)...and for anybody who knows me, I have never been associated with height and length. I have very short legs and stumpy toes. Actually I must look like an idiot- 5 foot 3 with hands dragging on the ground.

Anyway- I'm waffling-  this little monkey needs to get to bed.


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