Wednesday, 3 August 2011

F is for feathers, felting and ferblungen.

.......ferblungen is a great sounding word. It is a Yiddish word meaning something like "disoriented" or "all over the place." I felt a little ferblungen yesterday-but saying this word made me feel all better and it made me want to blurt out sesquipedalian.

For more great sounding words, visit here. (Use it at party's, it'll get you places....)

I was able to make some more feather fascinators:
Gee, I probably should have brushed my hair before taking this photo

I have also been working on this felted necklace- I think of a Regina Spektor song 'two birds on a wire' when I see it, but in this case "three birds on three wires"
Everything is handmade- the necklace is felted, the brown pod is crocheted and the "eggs" are felted by me as well!

It is fastened with a loop and one of the many buttons I have collected over the years.

You can wrap it around twice to fit as a bracelet. The ring is also made by me.

I seriously want to eat that ring! It reminds me of caramel...

Thanks for looking! Have a lovely day

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Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Ferblungen..hmmm, interesting word sweetness. Sounds great as your blog post :-P Looks like much creating is going on at your place - beautiful, lovely things xx