Wednesday, 24 August 2011

GREEN shoes and overwhelming excitement....

I bought these shoes last week.

They are much too high and not the most comfy. But they were GREEN- what else was I to do? It would have been quite rude to walk away from them. And if I was walking away, I was walking away in ugly, flat, yellow shoes. It was a sign. So now they are sitting in a nice, comfy warm place where they feel safe and secure....but not for long....they will be making an appearance this weekend! (I sure hope I can walk in them)

This week I have been making these:
and these:
JUST JOKING- I have 3 of these already:)

and these:
Which brings me to my next, exciting, overwhelming, aaaaaahhhhhhh news- The Kooky Green Owl will be stocked in  at least two shops in the next few weeks and another two shops around Melbourne in the coming months. An online shop will be set up in the next few weeks for all those who love to shop in their pajamas (who doesn't like to shop in their pajamas?) It has been such a confidence boosting experience- I'm very humbled.

Added with upcoming markets, this Kooky Green Owl is going to be a very busy bee (or owl if you like)

Thank you for reading- I hope you have a lovely Thursday



Mama Sabi said...

See! I told you you're a rock star! And the shoes are super hot! Wear them while you're watching TV with thin socks and flex and rotate your feet, you'll be fine ;) oh and bring flats to wear to and from the carpark!!!

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Green heels!!! How fabulous! Of course you couldn't just walk away from them, I completely agree xxx