Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Remember- float, don't kick.....

I've been trying to eat healthier of late and I have to say, I've been a pretty good girl! If you are what you eat, I may be a broccoli (I'm ok with this). And it's so much better than a cabbage in my opinion....If you are what you eat, what would you be?

One easy way to stop myself from eating a whole loaf of bread (white bread is my vice) is cooking a humungazoid, big pot of soup and getting that out when I feel hungry. Its worked so far, but if you see somebody on the news who is part human, part white bread, you'll know I've lapsed.

I was almost swallowed alive by my clean washing pile kids had to google "survival guide to quicksand"  to get me out but we did it! I'm so proud of them!

My two sisters and I grew up on movies from the 50's and 60's- anywhere from Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin to Tarzan and Doris Day. A lot of these movies seemed to have a quicksand scene in it- you know, where the bad guy is chasing the good guy and accidentally falls into a pit of quicksand and dies. If you had asked me when I was 8, what I was most afraid of I would have told you "falling into quicksand" (monsters, alien invasion, burglars I could deal with- but quicksand  would generally evoke the response of "quick, hide under the covers"!).....I'm so glad the Internet is around now because if you need survival tips for quicksand, go here (I don't think Bear Grylls has covered it yet).....and always remember, float- don't kick.
C'mon David Niven, float darn it!

Today, I was able to make a couple of rings, using a different technique. I had to buy a different type of resin to what I normally use but I had used it a couple of years ago when I first became interested in Resin (and it was probably the reason I gave up). It eventually worked out, but it is as temperamental as a nearly two year old being told to wait (don't get me started). It's cure time is dependent on weather temperature and humidity. It seems to want to produce a lot of air bubbles and you have to do several layers with hours between each layer. Because our weather is very cold at the moment, the cure time took as long as it took me to get my washing sorted out! even longer! About 20 hours actually. But it worked, and here are the results:
Vintage wallpaper inside the glass ring

Handpainted image transferred into ring

Sorry about the lighting- The top of this ring is quite glossy due to several coats applied- the background is a marble effect.

Oh no it's Thursday tomorrow- Please be kind to me this week, Thursday!

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