Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not getting out of bed for less than 10,000 a day? Yeah, I dig it.....

...........10,000 Chilean Pesos that is .......and when I went op Shopping yesterday I was so glad I did get out of bed........

Speaking of Chilean Pesos, have any of you had those big energy drinks? I had one the other day called "Rockstar." It was aptly named as after I started to drink it, I began smashing my guitar against the wall and I also gave the amplifier a good what for! Not really. But it did make me feel as toey as a roman the words of Yoda- "Legal speed, I fear it is.  Yes, hmmm"...oh and while I'm rambling on and on and on, if you need to translate anything into Yoda-speak click on's a Yoda translator!

and the reasons I was glad I got out of bed:

This Chair and vintage brownie camera came into my possession at a mere $7.50.
People of Melbourne cleaning out their clutter- I salute you!

All those readers that love brand names- you're gonna kill me on this one- (put the knives down!).......I found these:

in  new conditions....for $20- but I didn't get them, firstly because they were too big and secondly I didn't really like them.....I'm sure somebody got to them pretty fast after me though.......I wanted to hang around and see the tears of joy in their eyes when they found them!

I also have been prepping these:

ready for an upcoming market!

The weather has been so beautiful in Melbourne lately- I can almost feel spring! It has been a long, cold winter and the last few days reminded me that spring didn't disappear- it's just in transit from America!

Have a lovely Friday

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Mama Sabi said...

I can't believe you didn't buy those shoes... FOR ME!!!!!