Sunday, 7 August 2011

To market to market to buy a fat pig.

Unfortunately there were none to buy....but there were some beautiful hand knitted slippers, custom made dresses, locally made mineral makeup and some cute things made by The Kooky Green Owl:)

Today I had the privilege to be involved in the Warburton market. Nestled in the Upper Yarra Valley, Warburton is a small community that has in the past been a thriving timber centre, gold mining town and of course the home of Weetbix. But in recent times, it has had some beautiful new cafes, boutique's and antique centres dotting the main road.

The positive response and support I received from the locals was amazing! I had so much fun with the neighbouring stall holders as well. Would you like to meet a couple? Yes?

Meet Karen from Hi Honey I'm Home:
Notice the awesome hot rollers hair style- beautiful!
Karen is a dressmaker who use to sew for Mariana Hardwick (bridal design). She is now sewing from a stash of beautiful vintage 50's and 60's patterns and makes your gown to measure. Here are some of her patterns:

All of her materials are vintage sourced- some from New York and England. Here is one of her made dresses that she had for sale:
Pretty darn cute, I say.
Some fun facts about Karen: 
Her favourite colour is aqua. She has travelled the world but the place she would most like to live in is Warburton (sweet). Her ultimate dream is to put Warburton on the fashion map and to also have a private helicopter pad....I think she just might do it- can I have a ride in your helicopter when you get it Karen? If you would like to get fitted for one of her lovely dresses you can contact her at

Another beautiful person I met was Lisa. It was her first market and she did an awesome job. Lisa is from Butterfly Bella Nails and Beauty and sells locally made mineral makeup. She is also available for a home party.
Lovely Lisa

Musq mineral makeup!

Some fun stuff about Lisa: 
Lisa loves the colour blue and has a quirky. infectious laugh. She loves the clean air in Warburton and her ultimate dream is to be happy and healthy. If you would like to contact Lisa you can do so on 0418 210 553 :)

This was my stall:

We had a bagpipe (and bagpipe player) come in the afternoon for some light entertainment:
I kept waiting for him to belt out "it's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll" but alas, it didn't happen.
It was such a positive day today. I hope everybody had a great day too. Thanks for reading


Hi Honey, I'm Home said...

Hi Nadia it was lovely to meet you...and it was a very positive day all around. I will have to ask Ralph to play AC/DC for you next time. Hope to see you again, thanks for posting my info on your BLOG....Karen
"Hi Honey, I'm Home"
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Anonymous said...

I love this brand of Makeup. It's the only thing I can use on my skin and I have tried them all!! Everything else makes me break out. Musq have the best lip gloss ever!

Sarah x