Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dreamy Daffodils and Potty Paint

Don't you love the humble Daffodil? It's such a friendly flower and it is also my mother in law's favourite thing. Well, just down the road from us is a Daffodil farm. I am most fortunate to drive past it at least twice a day and the view is spectacular- rolling hills covered in fields of Daffodils. I love this time of year!

Unfortunately, they're not out for very long so I try as often as I can, to attend the self serving station for a bunch of these beautiful bits of sunshine. At $3.50 a bunch, it sure is worth it.

In other news, I am thinking of repainting the hallway. Because of my combined desperation, stupidity and lack of sleep, I picked the wrong colour (three times total). There is no way to put this nicely, but the colour reminds me of, well.......poo poo. It is a khaki green colour (I swear it didn't look that way in the paint shop). Mind you I only put one coat of paint on it and it has been this way for ONE YEAR. The long time frame is because I failed twice before at choosing a suitable colour - I've needed to take out a second mortgage due to the amount of money spent on paint. My latest thought is painting it the lamp colour seen in this picture. It's a teal/green colour- and this lamp is my favourite one in the house.

In other news: ITS MARKET WEEK! I am busy slaving away at a one man production line due to not having enough stuff (this is a good thing). Today I will be working of feather brooches and kilt pins adorned with vintage charms and beads.  I'm pretty sure, by the end of the week I'll be looking like Mother Hen- literally...I'm no good with glue and feathers combined.

Well, today was Thursday and I'm proud to say- I survived! (Thursday's and I don't see eye to eye)

Happy Friday all

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