Sunday, 21 August 2011

To market to market to buy a fat hen...

...again, there wasn't any- but there was a great sausage sizzle that was had by all!

Today, I was at the Emerald market and I was blinded by the light! The light that was sunshine- yay! Finally, I think we are getting some warmer weather and it was absolutely beautiful in the blue hills today.

Again I had a fantastic response from the locals- they came in with smiles on their faces and bells on their toes (not literally of course, it would have been quite noisy). What made the day even more special was that I was approached by a shop owner who is interested in stocking my range in her shop- Wowee, I'm on cloud nine!

....anywho, just a short post from the very very Kooky Green owl. Its nearly Monday.......and here is a little song to make you feel better about that :)

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