Monday, 8 August 2011

Faffing around with my fine feathered friend.

Disappointingly, it's not with Daffy Duck- he would have been cool to hang out with.

Today I was able to get my feathers out to play! Have a look at these beautiful guinea feathers:
Spot the difference!
I find it quite amazing that no two feathers are the same! This means you have to base your work around the natural direction of the feather- there are ways to bend and sculpt the larger ones, but you have to let the feathers control you when it comes to the baby ones.

I will be continuing to use these in my fascinators, but today, I decided to incorporate them into my Jewellery. This is what happened:
A fluffy brooch!
It is roughly 10cm in diameter. The image in the glass dome is a black and white picture- two people in a field surrounded by trees.

They will be on the market table next month.

It's a crazy, mad Tuesday for me tomorrow- I'm sure by the time Tuesday ends, I'll probably be crazy and mad as well.


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