Sunday, 14 August 2011

Looking at life at less than 45 degrees

Today I did a little of this:
When I really should have been looking up like this:
I have had a silly cold that has prevented me from being normal (Normal's overrated anyway) today, I have decided to share a little tutorial that is great for kids (especially girl ones) I have had this on my mind for a year or so, and I was reading something recently that reminded me to DO IT big little girl and I made these today:
These cool little bangles are made out of wide ice- cream sticks (Popsicle sticks) and are a lot of fun to make.

What you will need:

Ice cream sticks (wide)- you can pick a pack of 60 up for $2 at your local art/craft shop
Drinking glasses
Emery board or fine sanding paper.
Paint Brushes
Mod Podge

1. Boil the ice-cream stick in water for 30 minutes. Leave them soaking in the hot water for another 30 minutes

After letting them soak, they should be pliable enough to bend and put in the tops of glasses:
Try to use a smaller rimmed glass....

Set glass aside to dry overnight. When they are dry pull them out
Then use fine sandpaper or and emery board to sand out the rough bits....
4 u's
The paint them, wrap wool around it, stick jewels to it, decoupage it- DO ANYTHING to make it pretty- the paint will make them wet and they will want to plank again but after painting, put them back in the glasses to dry.

After they have dried, put a coat of mod podge, place back into the glass to dry.

Miss Owl was very happy- she's giving them to all her friends......

Hope you have a happy Monday x

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