Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Announcement #2 of 2.....and a hairy situation....

It is with much excitement to announce the following:

My talented friend, Danielle, will be running a new 'whimsical gift shop' online and stocking the creations from various  people, like The Kooky Green Owl and Polkadot Lane, as well as her own  art prints, canvases and cards. You'll be able to buy gorgeous jewellery, hairclips and bands, handmade children's clothes, funky screen-printed totes and t-shirts, art prints, a range of cards, art prints, magnets and original art.

Curious Bazaar launches on November 28th, but in the meantime 'like' us on facebook  to keep up with the news!

I'm very excited to be involved in this new adventure.....and very keen to show you some of my new things!

Now, down to the hairy situation. In short, I'm growing my eyebrows out...nice! The awesome Michelle- who is a very good hair whisperer (you know, like the horse whisperer... but in this case, she can talk to hair)- has asked me to grow them for I currently resemble a little something like this:

...ok, maybe I exaggerate....probably something more like this:

Burt is awesome! And Burt looks pretty cool with a monobrow! But I took the liberty of showing you the man with the most famous monobrow- Burt- with different attire:

Nope.Not the same. Much better with a monobrow.

Yep. Just giving Freda Kahlo a run for her money....


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