Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Can you hear the crickets?

Sorry for my lapse in posting. I have no excuse except 'the dog ate it"

First up: I had to take a picture of baby owl in this dress with this smile:

and I have been working on this baby quilt for a friend:
This is the unfinished version....there is an almost finished version:)

Do you remember Lucy? She was attacked by my naughty cat and left her in a ball of horsehair mess. Well I took her to the doctor today and they told me that she will live to play another note (although I can't actually play a note yet). They also read her strings and told me that they see "Vivaldi Four Seasons" in the near future. Phew! Tomorrow I have my first lesson...and I'm so excited!

This Saturday I will be attending the Blackbird Market on the corner of Brunswick Street and Gertrude Street Fitzroy, Melbourne. Not only a place for shopping, Blackbird Market is also home to live bands, DJ sets, artist installations and a delicious food and drink menu. Past performers have included the likes of British India, Skye Harbour, Love Connection, The Ravenous, The Bon Scotts and plenty of other amazing local talents.

Would you like to come and visit?


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