Friday, 28 October 2011

Three new arrivals!

New arrival #1:

Bonding with this new creation has been a pleasure. Notice the skin to skin contact? Very important in the first few moments of arrival..... the Amber (as in the Amber stone) look makes me happy but I can't decide which side of the family she takes after. I'm adopting her out and she will be on display at the Blackbird Market in Brunswick in November. If you would like to purchase one of her clones, please email me:)

New arrival #2 and #3:

Aren't they adorable? I can't tell you how long I've waiting for this moment:)

Today I visited The Melbourne String Company in Balwyn who were able to help me choose them. Ella, the violinist who works there was so helpful. She played a few so I could choose which one I liked the most- it turned out to be the one who was born in Romania.

I found it amazing that each instrument sounded different. It depends on structure, wood, strings and the ear of the listener. And in this case, the older the violin, the more expensive (obviously depending on the qauality) ie Violins crafted 300 years ago by the master violin-maker Antonio Stradivari sell for millions of dollars on the rare occasion they reach auction.

Because I want to bond with my instrument as they are going to have to deal with some awkward and donkey like sounds in the next little while, I decided to name it.

This is Walter:

And Lucy:

Together they shall make beautiful music together.


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simona said...

I wish you a happy bonding time with Walter and Lucy and all the best for the future of your close relationship :)
When I was 10 I started playing the violin. My sister had already played the cello for a few years, so I chose my instrument making sure the two would go together well. About a year into my lessons, when my parents knew I'd keep taking lessons, I got my very own violin that I have to this day. I'm very excited for you to start this new chapter in life. Stick with it!