Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Announcement #1 of 2....drum roll please....

It's with pleasure to announce the inclusion of The Kooky Green Owl items in a beautiful, Melbourne based shop.

Once upon a time there were two little sisters who liked to dress up. As they grew older they decided that there were just not enough clothes in one day, so they opened a boutique and called it Lulamae...
Lulamae boutique is affectionately named after an Audrey Hepburn character, their guiding light behind collections and dreamboat designs.  You can visit them online here.      

It has the most amazing shop layout:

They have two shops: one in Sydney Road, Brunswick (Melbourne) and Park Stret, South Melbourne and have recently opened a new store in Melbourne Central.

The Melbourne Central store is having a big launch this week:

and have some beautiful items to see:

Eeeeeek! Green!

A girl lying down on the floor with her feet in the air....or maybe just a pretty pair of shoes...

and you may see some items from The Kooky Green Owl, peeking out around the place:

and many many more!

Stay tuned for announcement #2......have a lovely Wednesday tomorrow

1 comment:

DanielleQ said...

That looks incredible! I want to visit! Maybe I will, actually. Mwa ha ha. No surprise they want your gorgeous things, they suit beautifully :)