Monday, 9 January 2012

It's a wrap!- a new dress.

I've bought a funky new dress from a lovely lady called Wendy Hill. Her dresses, Piece by Wendy Hill,  have been selling like hotcakes.

She is also a regular, amusing blogger and can be found here. And if you want to buy from her Etsy shop you can do it here. It is amazingly comfortable, and truth be known, I am partial to a doiley or two.

And it was wrapped beautifully with a lovely note:

Thank you Wendy. It fits perfectly and I love it!


the textured leaf said...

This is so cool.
Yay you! for choosing that fabric and yay me! for, well, making it I guess.
We must be the same height as mine look the same length on me?!
See you saturday, x

Claire said...

Oh your dress looks fab and I imagine it's very comfortable to wear....perfect for this weather too.
"Brown paper packages tied up with string.........."

Claire :}