Monday, 9 January 2012

Vintage lace and caravan sneak peak..

A new necklace made out of vintage lace...

And here is a sneak peak of Lola- our new old caravan/ cubby house/ hang out:

She is a pretty girl with a few blemishes but I can foresee that she will become a beautiful swan. Can you see it?



Anonymous said...

yeah i think so, somewhere under all that scumb!!! lol So glad you made it though!!! and no wheels passing you on the hwy! Impressive!
Lana Banana! see you on 25th!

Claire said...

Love the necklace, it looks fab....I couldn't envisage how you were going to use the lace. It looks lovely on.

Lola, L O L A ,Lola.......she's going to be lovely, all the best with the makeover.

Claire :}

Teresa said...

This necklace is so beautiful, it's stunning. I just checked Curious Bazaar, but couldn't see it there....I was hoping...just wondering if you will be making more of these to sell soon? Love the caravan too :)