Saturday, 21 January 2012

A dog bed on a budget

I had a choice:
Buying much needed school shoes for my 9 year old owl (if she stuck with the old, I would be risking that over exaggerated story in the future, mainly about walking 10km's to school in 80 degree Celsius days with no soles on your shoes, risking 1st degree burns and possibly death due to infection) or buy a plush dog bed with all extras including leather trim, wood grain dash and reversing camera for those tight spaces for $130

I do love my children.

So I made my puppy a new bed on a budget.

I used:

An old doona (or your could use a couple of old cushions) - the op shop had them at $5
A canvas painting drop sheet from the hardware store $11 (it was enough material to make two beds)
A can of black spray paint from the hardware store $2.95
needle and thread and button (my button is half chewed already- so I'm not sure this was a great idea)

I cut out the fabric according to the finished size plus 10cm each for width and length, to accommodate for the bulk of the doona. I also cut one side about 30 cm longer in length to create the envelope effect to insert the doona.

I then made a stencil using the computer (printing out the dog's name and then cutting out with a sharp cutting thingy)
I don't have a steady hand- this part was a brow sweating experience:)
I sprayed over the stencil using the spray paint and let it dry.
I like spray painting. Channelling my inner graffiti artist

I then assembled the "envelope" bed and attached a button for eye pleasure.

The dog loves it, and I love it because I can buy my girl a pair of shoes for school, now.
Mr Owl with his pride and joy.

I hope all of you are well and smiling.



Claire said...

Now you need to make Mr Owl a day bed so he can snooze side by side in comfort...........

Great job, your little pooch looks so cute on the big bed, no doubt he will soon grow into it.

Love the description of designer doggy beds...leather trim, wood grain dash and reversing camera, hehe...

Hope your weekend is going well,

Claire :}

Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Very cool! I cant wait to meet Sonny on Wednesday xx