Tuesday, 17 January 2012

new necklace and caravan update.

This week, I attended a lovely anniversary party. It was a chance to ditch the jeans and put on something swish, so I picked out a nice..... green.....(surprised?) dress and made this necklace to go with it:

Vintage lace, is something that inspires me and I've tried to put it to good use (although I've been told that its sacrilege to hack into vintage lace)

I also received my handmade dog tag for our new puppy, which is coming home in 2 days...

Because Mr Owl had a week off from work (a rarity, let me tell you) we have ignored the normal everyday things and decided to take a holiday at home. We've made heaps of progress on a lot of things, including this cutie pie:

Lots of scrubbing to be done

A high pressure hose works wonders

And I managed to give her an undercoat. She's lost her personality now....but I'll help her get it back!! Go Lola!
This week will also include me filling a large shop order and working our back to school gear middle one (boy child) is starting school this year- one hand is wiping away tears, and the other is punching the air...

I hope everybody has a great week. I'm off to look at making a tree swing.



Michelle Macdonald said...

Loving those necklaces Nadya...they are awesome

Anonymous said...

oh M G..... is that really my van?.....Nope its yours Lola lola cherry Cola!!! Lana

simona said...

so much going on in your life! that camper is awesome. my hubby and i dream of having one one day, we want to redo an old one and make it into the coolest little retro camper. don't think it'll really ever happen but we like to dream about it. maybe you guys can live our dream, haha :)
and a tree swing? yay! we put one up for when our nephew spencer came and now we have to figure out how to make one for adults.
congrats on your puppy addition to your family!