Monday, 26 September 2011

Two full weeks with the kiddos!

School Holidays are upon us! Whether you love it or hate it, there are bound to be some good moments in there. My lot woke up at a reasonable time today- and they decided to make tents outside!

We also manged to do a bit of gardening and painting- working in the garden always leaves you feeling very tired, but quite satisfied (an abundance of onion weed died this weekend- even though I think they are very pretty).
A lovely bird feeder that attracts Rosella's and my cats!

Pretty red TROPICAL plant- I live in the mountains! BRRRR (the sales lady persuaded me to give it a whirl)

My lovely pot filled with juicy succulents!

The view from my window.....lots more to do but getting there

I have a BIG market/ music festival coming up in the next few weeks- one that requires me to pull it out of the bag. And coming out of the bag are these pendants:

My cute owl on the back.

The pendant is broken pottery washed up on the shores of the beach- pottery that has fallen overboard or been in shipwrecks and they have been naturally tumbled by the ocean. I love the faded prints and the feeling of it having a 'past"- It actually belonged to someone else once. This particular one has been picked up off the shores of Scotland.

I have also been playing around with these:
excuse the lighting:)

I've also decided my making hands need a holiday to here:
Ahhhh, the Maldives

I will have to chaperone them of course.

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