Friday, 9 September 2011

so, what's in the bag?

...nothing at the moment....but how cute is this tote bag?

My lovely friend Kelly as recently been bitten by the screen printing bug! She has created her own line of clothing and bags, using the fantastic technique of screen printing- and she's kicking goals! She made me this "Kooky Green Owl" tote's so darn cute! Thanks Kelly!

So this week has been a crazy- dealing with normal, everyday things with my family, finding out that one of my cats, Dot (Dorothy) has anatomy that suggests we provide HIM a different name- I only found this out trying to get her desexed at the vet. (It was sold to me as a girl and I didn't think otherwise and I really didn't check out the bits- I actually thought she was pregnant hahaha) But don't tell the kiddies- Dot is staying Dot (although my husband feels bad for it and wants to call it Tod) This week has also been about juggling shop orders and organising for upcoming markets, planning new designs and throwing out about 15 rings because I wasn't happy with the quality.

Stay tuned for a new range, including hard carved oak and resin jewelry; sandstone and wrapped antique silver wire rings and turquoise and antique brass pressed metal rings.....all in the next 3 months. PHEW! designs are clogging my brain at the moment.

Anyway, I'm in love with vintage bird images...come fly with me:

 New Resin rings:
These have many hours of work to go before they are finished

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend.


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