Saturday, 3 September 2011 careful not to stub your toe....

...on the newly arranged furniture.

Okay, so the housework is out of control. I tried to delay it as long as possible but I've lost one of baby owl's shiny red boot and it could be anywhere (even down the toilet if baby owl pulled a normal Thursday occurrence).

So, in an attempt to unclutter my house (and my brain- the two are connected somehow) I've moved all of my furniture around....and not just around the room, I've been moving furniture around the house. I do this every few months when I feel that I have lost control of my housework- it ends up being a massacre...everything gets ripped out of the cupboards and dumped on the floor. I'm doing a massive clean out (don't get caught up in the chuck out pile kiddies). I'm half way through and already getting inspired. This is a very dangerous time for Mr Owl because it usually involves painting of walls and adding shelving- all things to add to his already large workload. And while I was taking a break, I did a little perusing on the Internet to gain more inspiration-anything teal, duck egg blue, aqua, sky blue, ocean blue- (sorry Mr Owl)....

I am going to work on a seating area and make a headboard for it- I have the perfect place for it (sorry love)

Perfect Symmetry


In fact, the above two colour schemes have got me thinking about my jewellery.....

Speaking of Jewelery, I am in the process of making at least 100 rings....yowser, how many fingers do I actually have?!

This is The Kooky Green Owl, signing out...enjoy the rest of your night



DanielleQ said...

The colours in that last photo are glorious! I'm impressed that Mr Owl is involved in shelving and painting - around here that stuff is all me. Speaking of which, I can see a freshly painted bathroom in my future... sometime ;)

Megan said...

1st and 3rd pics I absolutely love! How are you planning on making the headboard? I will be making one for my bed in a few months time.