Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Painting the town (and my hair) and caravan update.

I am such a messy painter. I've even considered video taping myself, whilst painting, to understand the mess I unknowingly concoct with when I've finished...... and it's not in a Jackson Pollock awesome way either. ...N.B I am not to be trusted with paint.

I was given these bar stools by my sister in law. I do not have a before photo but they kind of looked like this:

I know that people love wood, and I do too, but sometimes I just have to I did this:

I still need to add some cushions to the seat........

AND....i have a sneak peak from the caravan reno....

Now don't panic about the colour....I promise you it wont be depressing. I have come into some fantastic accessories that will cutify it up. I am very excited!

Whilst it has been a crazy two weeks, having to work around mundane issues has been motivating.

Hoping you all have an awesome week!

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Danielle Quarmby said...

I love your painting achievements :) What a gorgeous blue for the chairs!