Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to say sorry in 7 different languages

Anteeksi (Finnish)
Maaf! (Indonesian)
Waan ka xumahay (Somali)
Jammer! (Afrikaans) this automatically made me want to say "stop, it's Jammer time.
Oprostite! (Bosnian)
Andke andeks! (Estonian)
Sintoo! (Galician) sounds like a sneeze

Anyway, I've been absent of late for far too many reasons... but such boring reasons!

I've been busily busying myself with the reading of this book:

purchased for me by my friend Kelly....

It has so many good ideas, I've actually changed the choice of paint colour. I have painted a coat of paint, but it was too insipid and blah and didn't attract any of my easily distracted attention. So. Back to the drawing board but its going along in leaps now.

My little boy started school this week. It has been such a great experience for him:

And Signore Smiley Face has been growing:

I'm for a week of accomplishment....lets see if I can pull it out of the rabbit hole. Or the hat. Or any other dark curious place.

P.S new jewellery design coming soon.

1 comment:

Claire said...

Great book, have flicked through it in a book shop....oohed and aahed over beautiful pics....

Can't wait to see your van and what you've done to it.

Glad to read your little fella is enjoying the whole school experience....were there tears mum?

That's one big, cheesy, puppy grin all right....too cute.

Claire :}