Sunday, 5 February 2012

Baking like a domestic goddess.

Whilst you may be conjuring up images like this:

....... it was a little more like this yesterday afternoon:

BUT i did have a lot of fun:)

I have a couple of friends who have been trying to eliminate preservatives and additives and general harmful household items from their diets and homes and have been quite inspired so I've been dabbling in making my own laundry powder inspired by this post, but still trying to find the happy medium between using natural and less harmful products combined with being happy with the quality of the powder. In regards to food the only real way to do this, seems to be baking everything from scratch. Could I do it??

BEHOLD! Saturday afternoon!

The Green Owl went a little insane with whisking, cracking eggs, and  spilling 750grams of plain flour on the floor.

We made:
Chocolate chip cookies. 17 out of 19 have already gone. recipe here

Mixed berries Muesli Bars.

Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes. Recipe here.

Miss 9 year old owl wanted to make apple crumble. My puppy is soo cute
Very crumbly apple crumble....but pretty good Miss Owl!

Massaging the bread dough is very important for the final outcome

Bread rolls. Massaging the dough worked!

I am planning to do a lot more of this in the near future. Not only did I have fun, I'm making a healthier change for me and my family.......

and I finished the night with this:

Hiccup  ;P


Claire said...

Wow, you did let the inner chef out didn't you?.....

Yum, it all looks delish and I'm not surprised there's only 2 bikkies left....

Home made bread rolls, how lovely, my mum used to make them and they were still warm form the oven when I came home from school for lunch.

I'm admiring your gorgeous dress, love the colours. Is it the handiwork of another blogger?...

Have a great week,

Claire :}

Muddle Puddle said...

alll looks delicious, Love it! Love your reference 1950's pics.