Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Its almost crochet season! Hook me up!

Well I'm not quite sure if there is a crochet season. But I'll pretend there is....I messaged my friend, a fellow crocheter, the other day and told her I had the twitching feeling to pick up a hook. She said that she did too and was making this hat:

She is very accomplished. I like her, and her (dare I say it)  hooking skills.

There are a few patterns that I have my eye on:

ummmm, Maybe not!

All of the above patterns can be found on etsy:)

The last big thing I crocheted with this:

It already has a few holes and needs repairs.....the owlettes make tents with it.
Last week saw a lot of work go into filling a shop order, and playing with the children to beat school holiday boredom. I am ready to add some colour to the caravan- and agonising over colours. Back soon with a caravan update.


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Oh no - your poor blanket! Love the crochet shoes..cute...are you going to make them? And regarding my hooking skills...thanks sweetness xx

Marika said...

What a multi-talented lil mama you are!

sylvia said...

awesome! i can't crochet, but i'd love to make a granny square blanket one day. those slippers are too cute!

Claire said...

Love all the hats.....Winter yay, bring it on....

The crocheted shoes are gorgeous, just like Mary Janes I can imagine them in red ♥♥♥

Great blanket I'm sure it's had a lot of lovin' by the kidlets.......

Can't wait to see the caravan update...what fun.

Have a great weekend,

Claire :}