Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tuesday Op shop goodies

So much success at the op shop today.....I almost had to leave baby owl on the side of the road so I could fill the car with some more goodies.

My children will need a full time osteopath when they're older: the amount of times they have had to press  and contort against the car door- just so I can fit an armchair in- is a bit ridiculous.

To be fair, the ceramic saucepan was purchased for me by a lovely friend. But i did pick up a crochet scarf, a vintage fedora, 3 leather hair pins, a new pair of cute shoes -in my size- bonus (when you op shop, and you love something, you will settle for any size and make the necessary adjustments.) I also got a piece of linen fabric (2m long), with a really cool print on it. 2 ceramic mugs, a bit of bling and a smile from the cute elderly cashier, for under $12.....not bad:)



Claire said...

$12.00 awesome haul.........loving those shoes....

Don't you just love it when you walk away with some treasures.....well done.

Claire ☁☂

Andrea.F said...

I love those shoes!! I really get the part about the osteo - my kids are used to being squished into their seats too - especially when it comes to hard rubbish collections and garage sales....!