Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunny side of the street

At the moment, both sides of the street are wet and dark- but I'm sure there is a sunny side somewhere:)

Well it's been a while.

I can confirm, that I am alive, well, and kicking- in a non violent way.

A market has been booked with some lovely friends. New designs have been sketched, and the process has begun again. Regrouping after a huge, dark mental blank has been like learning to ride a bike again. But I'm starting to pedal, slowly but surely.

It's no secret I like colour. And I lot of my things have been lacking the bright colour that I so love. So I am working on some bright things, with bright birds and bright leaves. Bright-eo! The show will go on.

In the meantime, I have purchased some lovely things from op shops and ebay. I've also crochet, tried to paint, been inspired, received gifts and actually gone to the movies twice in two months. Woah Nelly!

A handmade wooden stand given to me by my very kind violin teacher

Crocheting a beanie with beautiful wool

Being inspired by the colours in this room

Organising a party

Vintage Enamelware from the op shop at an amazing price
Purchasing 4 rolls of this Danish wallpaper leftover from the 70's
It's been a long couple of months, but I think I've self analysed and nutted it out. Very excited about the next few months.

I hope everybody has been able to shake of the rain and enjoy the little bit of autumn we have left:)

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