Thursday, 24 May 2012

Challenge number 3256: sewing an evening dress

Another new thing to do for an upcoming party I, together with my sisters and aunt, am organising.

The most important part of it all- what am I going to wear?

I have been looking any every nook and cranny, for the perfect dress. I mulled over different combinations:

1960's red velvet with lace. Ebay 

1960s's 'twiggy' dress Ebay

A little too drab, maybe, for a formal evening.....(even with bling)

So I went to Spotlight and picked out this pattern:

vintage vogue
With this fabric:

heavy cotton fabric

All because I own these shoes:

mind the tiny house behind

Its funny how shoes manage to dictate an outfit.

Challenge accepted.



Mama Sabi said...

LOVE the shoes! Cant wait to see the dress! Werent you make making baby daughter a blanket? Or was it intended for her baby daughter...? xx

Claire said...

Yay, lovin' those shoes, yeah......and the dress pattern and fabric is awesome, a great combination. It's going to be one great outfit......

Claire :}

simona said...

uuh, it'll be an exceptional outfit! will you show it when it's ready? with the shoes on?? please, please! :)

خياطة وتفصيل said...

It looks beautiful! thank you so much :)