Thursday, 14 June 2012

The square space around me.

Dinner is on the stove (my Friday's are usually a mad rush), house is clean (enough), cup of tea by my side (the right side) and baby owl is asleep (I think) its hard not to think about the craziness that has surrounded me the last couple of weeks. Things that don't rattle me, have, and yet I am still happy and thankful to be who and where i am. So sitting here, this is what I see around me:
To my left: a glorious pile of sewing

To my right: my front window
Behind me: A full bookcase
In front of me: the sitting area (itching to move the furniture around)

Looking forward to a big weekend. And family time. And calmness.

Happy Friday


simona said...

we've got the same couches!
the only thing is the leather is delaminating, which is very disappointing. didn't have it for that long!
the fabrics you're using are really pretty. what are you making?

The Kooky Green Owl said...

I am making two dresses for my 2 year old- same pattern, kimono style dress, just different hemlines....the fabric is beautiful....xx

the textured leaf said...

I love seeing whats around you! Ive just caught up on a few weeks worth of posts! Youve got alot happenning, x